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I was hurt at work on June 6, 1995. I don't remember anything for about a year after my injury. I was told I fell into a orchestra pit about 40 feet onto cement. I do remember one thing but don't know if it was imagination or a near death experience. I saw my deceased parents in a beautiful white light in a tunnel and heard a voice ask me if I wanted to go on or go back to guide my children...I am here and continue to guide my 3 sons. I was a nurse and now because of memory loss and other problems can no longer work. God does work in mysterious ways and someday I will do what God has planned for me. I pray it will be soon because I don't do anything now. I don't know what I would do without the chat room, it has helped me in so many ways and I am grateful to so many for sharing and understanding. well I don't know what else to say except what I repeat to many KEEP YOUR FAITH STRONG......


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george - Sat May 24 01:09:57 2003
I identify with the light experience and I thank you for reminding me.When things get tough I'll try and recall that experience.

MarkGreenfield - Sat May 17 18:45:28 2003
I remember seeing my Grandfather who had died five years before, but it was dark where I was in the early morning hours in the middle of a corn field.

luanne - Sat May 17 18:07:06 2003
I read your story. I am a nurse and know it must be hard to not be able to work. But you are good to be there for your sons. I hope everything works out for you.
Luanne - caregiver to TBI husband

Sagasha - Sat May 17 15:02:28 2003 tbihome.org
Good Luck Suzanne!