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Stacey G "Spacey"

I was born a twin, but I don't think you want to hear that story.
I was injuried in the usual way, if you can guess the usual way is motorvehicle accident. I was not wearing a seat belt, but it was prior to the law in Illinois where I live. I am a 19 year survivor. Think I suffer from the same things as most survivors, lonely. I can tell you, I went back to college after the accident in 1985. First I went to Rehabilitation in Michigan then NMRC in Wisconsin. The Rehab in Illinois' didn't match up. So now, a Dr. friend/some TBI friends and me are looking into creating one for Illinois, there is a lot of legal and governmental sh-t to that we have to do. Onre day, hopefully. But for school I went to CLC Community then NLU and graduated in 1997 with a B.A. in psychology. I recieved person of the year award in 96 and student of the year the same year. I think that is my story, if you want to learn more or just talk, give me a buzz. If I am on line and you have AOL, IM me and can talk back. If not just leave me a message. The library is closing now, so I'll have to sign on at home. Ovauh, or how ever you spell it,

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