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Sidney "sid" Hammond

Hi my name is Sidney and i was born with tbi. I had a hole in the inner wall of my skull. Part of my brain was threw the hole and down in the bridge of my nose. I also had a tumor wrapped around my left cheek bone and it was connected to the part of my brain in my nose. I was about two yrs old before the doctors discovered what was wrong with me. One doctor said i just had adnoids and that i would be ok. I couldn't breathe when i leaned my head back, and my grandmother had to hold me up all night so i could sleep. It took three sugeries to corect the problem. Now I'm 41 years old and living a normal life. I graduated one year behind my original class. Took one semester of colledge. There are times that I felt like just giving up, but all my friends at tbichat helped me out alot. Thanks and God bless you

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