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Sherry "funny face" Manning

My sister is 34 years of age. she has lupus and recently had meningits. the meningitis caused severe brain damage to the basal ganglia and brain stem. sherry was in the hospital for 3 months. she was comatose, unresponsive, had a tracheostomy tube and feeding tube, and complete paralysis. our family had two groups of neurologists tell us that they had done everything possible for her. they suggested nursing home placement. they told us she wasnt a candidate for rehab, because she had nothing to rehab. they also told us that if by some miracle she recovered from the coma she would never be capable of any motor skills. they told us the parts of damage were responsible for transmitting the signals for movement from the spinal cord to the brain. our family continued to pray and search for a miracle. we discovered hyperbaric treatments had helped others with brain injury, so we decided to try. we had to convince the doctors to allow us to transport her to the facility for these treatments. they told us it wouldnt help, but gave us there consent. these treatments are not fda approved , but we are in hopes that someday they will be. they cost 200.00 per hour which is a out of pocket expense. we demanded she be placed in a rehab center. we were denied they told us she would never tolerate the program. we stood our ground and did not give up. we wanted her in brooks in jax. fla because it was the closest to the hyperbaric office, and we knew through research they were the best in town. they also had carf credentialing. they finally agreed to give her ten days (to shut us up i guess). she has been extended several times and is still at brooks and been there since oct 1,2003. sherry has had 30 hyperbaric treatments. she is walking with assistance, able signal when she needs to use the restroom, type on the computer, read, mouths words, she is still unable to produce voice but she can move her lips to anything. sherry can wave bye, blow a kiss, she has the greatest smile and such a positive attitude. my sister is a true inspiration. the tracheostomy tube has been removed and she is also eating real food again. we hope the feeding tube will be removed soon. for more info hyperbaric facility in jax. florida DR. thomas murray 904-721-5909 the doctor who brought my sister from a coma, and complete paralysis to the miracle she is today. he will always be our hero. ann jowers 912-359-3407

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