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Sandy Cooper

My story is the same but different than many, but I thought I should share it with you.. my accident was in 1994, I had just divorced the wrong man in my life and was out celebrating, a little to much and got a ride home with a friend because I knew I had to much to drink and drive.. but I didn t know she was in the same shape that I was in..

We were in a one car accident, I was the passenger without the seat belt on, because there was NO seat belt in the car for me to use. She had passed our road and was turning around and hit an embankment head on, the right side of my head hit the window and I was out for about a week.. my right humorous (upper arm) was broken, all of the ribs on my right side were broken, I had a punctured lung and cracked some teeth.. My mom was told that if she wanted to see me she had better get to the hospital as soon as she could she sent my sister and my children.. I lived and made it out of the hospital.

I went through a year of cognitive rehabilitation that has helped me immensely .. people that did not know me prior to the accident do not have a clue that I am not running on all cylinders or what they call a quart low ..

I was told that I would have a problem with short term memory, and the feeling has never come back thoroughly on my left side.. it always feels like it is half asleep.. and I lose my balance a lot.. am tired a lot.. my emotions are typically ups and downs. All of the time.. I wondered why it is so easy for me to get mad at something and then over it as soon..

This is for all that want to do something with their lives.. something that I did, do back to school..I proved them wrong about the short term memory problem . I just finished my Bachelor of Science in Technology.. and have a chance to teach faculty how to teach distance education at a college.. I still am not sure where I am going or what I will be doing.. there is no one that really understands what is going on with me.. there was one person, but he had TBI also and we were a disaster together . I will get over him, in time we have no contact.. his choice.. which I honor..

I could use a friend that understands what we go through.. and wanted to tell all that further education is possible and attainable I did it and I just turned 62 I should be thinking about retiring and taking it easy.. but that is the furthest thing from my mind.. I will know when it is time to rock the grand babies...

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