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Simon "Jaspa" and Jo "Ejo" Parrott

Picture of Simon and Jo Parrott Hi, well here we are Jo and Simon. Simon had a motorbike crash in 1991,which has left him with an ataxic gait, thermo receptors defunction,double vision, slurred speech (sounds as though he is drunk!), and slight loss of hearing. He suffers from defused pain, as his brain sends duff messages to his left hip, knee and ankle, but there was no damaged there.

Before Simon had his crash he was working in the Royal Navy as a missile man, in 1993 he was medically discharged and has been unable to work since.

In 1994 his first marriage split and he lived alone for a while, until he meet Jo, in the beginning of 1995. Later that year we got married. Jo is a professional nurse, working as a psychiatric nurse in acute psychiatry, so not only do I care give in my personal life I also caregiver professionally.Picture of Simon and Family

We both live in Plymouth, England, UK. Since meeting all on #tbichat it has enabled us to chat with those who are able to understand what it is like to live with TBI. So little is known of the effects of a TBI and of the daily trials and tribulations that goes with it. Joe public can only understand what it can see, and not what it cannot! It is up to people like ourselves to show others what it is like and help the public come to a greater understanding of TBI. Keep spreading the word, because if we don't we will remain unknown and unrecognized!!!!!!!!!!!!