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Michael Spurlock

He was really funny, he would say and do the craziest things. He liked poetry and stupid movies, he liked Barry White and Marilyn Manson. He was a very talented artist. He was my nephew, but more like my little brother. I miss him, I miss calling him to ask who sings a particular song, I miss turning him on to a new CD.

I could drive myself crazy, replaying the moment that doctor came in and said that he didn't make it. How can that be? I still, on some level, look for ways to change all of this, bring him back, put him back, he belongs here with us. There are certain things we take for granted, and one of those things, for me, was knowing that no matter what crisis arose with Michael, he would be okay.

Michael was the passenger in a car driven by his "friend," who will go to trial on October 25th for murder, DUI and related charges. Rob accelerated to 117 mph in a 35mph zone and lost control of the vehicle, smashing into a utililty pole. Rob fled the scene, leaving Michael behind in the wreckage. Rob never called 911, never told anyone that Michael was injured. We don't know how much time passed before strangers found Michael, still barely alive, and called for help.

No one ever truly knows how deeply they impact others. I don't think Michael knew how deeply we all love him. There is a vaacum now where he should be, and I don't believe that will ever go away for any of us.

We miss you, Mike.

For Michael's memorial site: click here

Linda Clark, Michael's aunt