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James T. Hood

Remembering, James T. Hood
Best of The Best

11 days after my husbands Dad passed on from cancer, Jim and I were involed in a tradgic car accident. Leaving me with massive physcial injuries and Jim with not as many, but he suffered 3 cardic arressts leading to Coma. He had to have a trach, feeding tube, and oxygen of 50% all the time. He could of course do nothing and depended on others for everything.

I was recouping the best I could from my injuries, So the frist year he was not with me. How ever the second year after injury, I was able to bring him home and care for him with the help of my son.

Only Jim knows for sure what was happening in his mind, where he was at I prayed everyday it was beautiful. He spent time going back and forth to the hospital and home again. It broke our hearts everytime he had to go to the hospital. I tried all I knew and could find in research to get him up. I truly beleived I saw things. And I truly beleived I could get him up. Some where I must have missed something and I failed to get him up.

Jim moved on to a more beautiful world then what is here on May 30th, 1999. The day after his Dads birthday. For us who remain in this world, our road is one that is dusty, tattored and painful without him.

Jim and I were together almost 30 years (4 months short) and I will say with pure love, He is and was my true "Soul Mate". Two days after saying my last good byes to him, on my journey home alone, I saw the most breathtaking sight-

    "Rays " comming from the clouds, like stairs leading to "Heaven"
    I, for a moment got a pure comfort, as the thought that came to my mind was-
    Jim telling me he was going "Home" and it was ok for me to go home.
I do beleive Jim will live on with in me and all I have learned about his illiness, I will share with others, so that he to will help others as meant to be.

I beleive Jim will be my "Gaurdian Angel" now, more so than ever and he will lead me to walk the right road. Jim, I Thank You for the best years of my life, for allowing me to walk beside you, for teaching me all you have and most of all for the Love you gave to me.

"I Love You"
You have captured my "Heart and Soul" with you it will always remain.

To Everyone,
Please "Cherish" your loved ones and everything around you, as life deals us hands we would like to trow in, and it is not possible to give them back for new hands. Things do happen and it can happen to anyone, in the blink of an eye.

Wishing Everyone, Sunshine and Rainbows
Sunshine: To Keep You Warm
Rainbows: Smiles from God