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Gary Ray Selby, Jr.

Hello, my name is Holly, and I am one of Gary's aunties's. Gary was born on March 9, 1974 to my eldest sister and her husband, Gary Ray Selby, Sr. and Stephanie Selby. He also has a younger brother Dennis Selby, who now has a 21/2 year old son named Andrew Gary Selby. Gary Jr. never had the pleasure of meeting his baby nephew Andrew all because of a drunk driver.

Gary Jr. was always so full of life. Always helping his mom with errands or just hanging out. Gary Jr. loved to motocross with his dad. Gary Sr., bought a brand new dirt so he could race. Gary Jr. graduated from Vanden High School in June of 1992. We were so proud of him. He was the first grandchild to be born and the first to graduate high school. Gary Jr. was the oldest of 5 grandchildren.

On October 3, 1992, Gary Jr. and his friends were going to Reno, Nevada to watch some bike races. His mom and dad were at the football field where Gary said "Good-Bye".

Stephanie kissed him and told him she loved him and to be careful. That was the last time that my sister and brother in-law saw him alive. On October 4, 1992, Gary and his friends met 2 girls and had offered to drive them home. Gary was driving his friend Troy's car; Troy was in the passenger side and the girls in the back. While on the highway a car driven by a drunk driver was driving on the wrong side of the road. There was a small incline and that's where they hit head-on killing my nephew instantly. Gary never knew what hit him, and never had a chance. This crash took place at around 4 or 5 a.m. I received a phone call from one of my other sisters telling me of Gary's death. I'm sure you all can imagine the terror that ran through my body. My beautiful nephew taken away from us so young so, so precious.

We later learned that the drunk driver was an illegal from Mexico and that his blood alcohol was 3x's the legal limit. That's when the anger set in. This drunk driver was in our Country illegally and killed my nephew.

The whole family truly misses Gary Jr. so much that words can not explain. A precious life taken in an instant in such a senseless tragedy.

This drunk driver received a 40-year sentence, 20 for the death and 10 years for each bodily injury to Gary's passengers, which ran concurrent to the 20 years. Then comes the next slap in the face. The drunk driver escaped from prison serving less that 6 months of his sentence. Todate he is still out there running free thinking that he got away with murder.

Gary Ray Selby Jr., deserves that justice be served. That is why I have vowed to see that this man is brought back to justice and serve his full sentence.

Please pass the word, that Drinking and Driving is not and will not be tolerated. Take the keys away and call the person a cab. The life you save may be your own.

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