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Yuni "Autumn Cloud"

Life melody

The piano is playing my life melody    
  On this silent night               
  Every note is a saying             
  Every paragraph is a memory       
  They are                       
  Waving on my ears side            
  Waving into my heart             
  To bring me back                 
  Beforehand I  
  I would like to a rest on music     
  But I am the staff to connected them all 
  To make a song movement           
  Go into the world of music            
  Go back the dreams of past          
  This time                        
  My feeling                       
  My mind                         
  Just like the hazy fog   
  Autumn Cloud

My young lady

Why now you like alone to stay with all the night 
Why now you like to keep silent with all the languages 
Don t be you afraid of the life sad for you 
Don t you worry about the art of cry for you 
How many things you bear in your back 
How many emotions you bear within your heart 
Don t be the hazy poem 
Don t be the covered shadow 
My young lady 
Don t you know 
Your sweet smile will win them 
The beautiful life will win you 
                                       Autumn Cloud