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Tracy Spracklen

From day one our lives have changed for ever..

Why doesn't he come out God?
My hopes and dreams for Robert are now disappearing with the wind..

Let me have Robert my son back God..
The word MOM is now past tense..

Why Robert, Why Me God?
When I saw my baby for the first time on that day, I just thought WHY...Why Robert?

Is Robert In There?
I cry, I think and I listen and wonder, and I pray..

Where is Robert?
So many hours so many day's go by and only small thing's appear..

Is Robert really in there or is he lost forever God?
I ask God to help me make it and give me stregth to make it day by day..

Is the baby I had at one time there God?
I have gone threw the shock, denial and blame..

What is next God?
So where have Robert's smile gone and all the joy he brought to all of us?

Why us God?
I sit and wait for anything to happen day by day and hour by hour..

How much longer God?
So if you hear me God, Please just give me back my baby Robert.

Tracy Spracklen