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Tina "minnie" Whitlam

Time to think of my life gone by,
I see my hopes and dreams fly to the sky.
No more ambitions to follow have I,
A life so dull no matter how I try.

Can things get better if I try,
And I wish at times that I could fly.
Take away the hurt I feel,
Happier times are they real.
Ever night I say my prays,
Right or wrong I feel no one cares.
Is this what life's going to be like for ever,
Not a life I'd wish on heather.
Each and every single day.

When I sit in a huddle all alone,
How I hate myself when I moan.
Is life always going to be this grey,
Today tomorrow it's every day.
Life should be so happy and great,
And I sit and look at myself in this state.
Make this darkness go away.

Tina Whitlam

You really were one of the best,
From North & South, East & West.
I'd like to thank you with all my heart,
That in our family you where a part,
And thank you for all you've done,
As you where indeed a special Mum.
When you where needed you were there in a flash,
You proved all that when I had my crash.
You washed & cleaned & comb my hair,
Lay on the floor as I couldn't climb the stair.
You where concerned when I would not eat,
Tried to tempt me with lovely treats.
When things got really bad,
As I was feeling very sad.
You never gave up and held me tight,
Even though I looked a sight.
You where a special Treasure,
My love for you has no measure.
I know I was not the perfect Daughter,
I've done things when I should have been smarter.
But I'm good and kind and think of others,
I know that we should all appreciate our Mother's

Tina Whitlam