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Tina Means

Poem for my angel in TBI chatroom
I have an angel, you see,
One that watches over me,
She gently picks me up,
And floats me to the ground,
When I think I can fly,
When no one is around.
My angel has wings,
Of gossamer and an iron will,
She knows of my faults,
Yet, she loves me still,
She holds me or scolds me,
What ever is right,
With a loving pat of her hand,
And lets me know,
That she truly understands.
We have a special bond,
My angel and me,
And I know I can count on her,
If ever need be.
I hope someday that I can be,
A good of a friend as she has been to me,
And maybe someday she will know
How much I love her so.

Original by, tina