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Thomas B. "Paco" Welch

In The Midst
Thy callous hands touches the placid waters
Refreshing thee mind and wonderous Souls
I cannot fully let go of distant past
Where all made common sense
Attempting to comprehend past events

"Let go of the Past" they all say
And Live "One Day At A Time"
True as the cool water quench thirst
The Past is what evolved the new me

In the midst of turbalent inner storms
I shall remain as to who I am
Grasping onto what is no longer present
But how can I without any reservations
Let go of what I am today?

Time..............where has it ventured?
Twas here but no mas [more]
Somewhere way down inside of me
Away from all that engulfs thee
I found my solace
A place to meditate and rejuvenate
To prepare for yet another day

Dreams altered into new meanings
Inner tears have long dried
Still hear the Old Men singing
Songs of Hope and True meanings
Somewhere a part of me resides
In the land of unseen Spirits

The Medicine songs they never stop
Voices sing through The Midst Of Time
Calling me to awake from my coma
Asleep in a world of darkness
Where Dreams no longer exist
Ha'ho [Thank You]


You entered a world of total darkness
Leaving behind all your senses
They no longer exist
Not in the world of a coma

People traveled afar to sit by your side
Gently holding your hand waiting for that magic moment
Moment you'll awake but the moment never arrives
Not until everyone leaves to proceed with daily Life
All one can do is pray

A few give up but others never give up
Not just yet anyways
You can no longer dream in a world of a coma
Where there are no colors to see
A nurse is at your side when you awake
Everything is too bright and all is unfamilar

You asked what had happened to you
All confused and baffled you notice
Your voice doesn't sound like it once had
"You were in a 6 week coma struck down by a vehicle
Down thar on 27th St" the nurse replies
Near an exit to lead you home

But you never made it home
On that rainy September night
Paremedics shout to one another
As you fade into darkness
You can no longer dream
Not in a world of Darkness


*survivor of 9/10/91 tbi/sci Billings,MT

I am no longer the man who I once was
A past that seems so long ago in a faded dream
But it feels as if it was just only yesterday
Trodding to somewhere but ending up nowhere
Alone in an empty world that was once full of colors
Now the colors have faded floating in an empty space

You try to hold on but there's nothing to grasp
To what was but is no longer but the dreams remain
I try to dit in but how can I when the colors changed shades?
Can't change the direction of Mother Earth's rotation
Or the Seasons that come and go
Does this mean I am to be where I am?
Like a message trapped forever inside a floating bottle

Thomas Welch