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Thomas Kelley

Poor Angel
I knew a man
He was so very rich
With all his money
But he was sad
He was so sad
I asked him why
He looked so sad

To my surprise , he said
I haven't got a life
Yes, I got money and wealth
But I got nothing else
I want to wake up everyday
Eith joy in my heart
With love for the world
Yet I wake up sad
Sometimes crying
He asked me
WHat do I do ?

I told him a story
Of a man I once knew
He was so happy
Yet he had not even a penny
He said he was just happy
Happy to be alive
Just happy to live day by day
Happy to do all he can to make others happy

The rich man asks me
Is that poor , yet happy, man you

But instead of answering him
I disappear into thin air
And as I disappear from his sight
I see him smiling again in his life
A large smile

Did the rich man truly understand me
For that answer
Only time will tell

By Thomas Kelley

Just Simple Thoughts
Have you ever wondered
The strangest questions
That you never answer
For fear of what you might think

Just simple questions
That deserve no answer
But sometimes,
You just asks yourself anyways
Like why I was even born
Sometimes I really wonder why
Or why did my dad have to smoke
It was alright when he was alive
But now he is dead
I don't know!
Everything changed!

Just when will it get better
Perhaps never, perhaps tomorrow
Perhaps that's why
Strange questions keep coming back

They are just part of the process of living
I will always have the strange questions
That I'll never answer

But there are strange questions
Never asked, as well
One strange question
I never find myself asking is
About the day I nearly lost my life
For I'll never remember it
People can tell me all that happened
But its like I was never there

So, am I the only one
Who has the strangest questions
Some never asked, some never answered
Or do you have some strange questions
of your own?

By Thomas Kelley

Nowhere Letters
Have you ever wrote a letter to somebody
That the letter was so intense
With how you really felt about something
That you, for some odd reason,
Tore it all up afterwards ?
Was it too intense ?
Do you feel whomever it was to be for
Would not take it as well ?
Or maybe it was A nonsense letter ,
Not worth to be stated ?
Letters, like people, come and go
The feelings wrote one day
May just actually be for that day
For how we feel
Can always be seen in a letter
Because our feelings are always there
Yet every now and then
We are always hit with nowhere letters
In the end,
Whether they are torn apartor not
It is alll a true reflection
Of how you may feel, at the time
Don't give up your nowhere letters !
For they truly are a part of life

By Thomas Kelley

Between Life and Death
A life of its own
Pictures do that so well
This one has so much life
Although still, it has so much action
Books bring life to us, as well
The emotional charge that
Words can give you
Is almost beyond
The imaginable feeling one can have
Have you ever cried while reading anything
The sad/happy tears intertwined
Is so intense that one looks
Towards the next page,
The next tear
These feelings have
A yearning to be expressed
Yet in this often expressionless world,
These feelings are lost , forgotten or
Appropriately hashed
Whether it is a book, a painting,
a photograph, a moving picture,
a poem , or the world itself
The inanimate live and
The living embrace this life
Even death has a hold on life
Sometimes more than life itself
Has life been created through
Or was it already there,
But just not recorded

By Thomas Kelley

Tell Me About Me
Do you see me different
Then I was before ?
If you do,
I would like to know
What do you see different
From the me you knew from before ?
But then again,
There are days
I really do not want to know
I know I have gone through some changes
But still, I am pretty much the same
But go ahead and tell me, go ahead
I will listen to everything you say
Tell me how I am better
Tell me some of my faults
Even tell me if you notice
Any problems with my body
I tell you all this
Because I am ready to listen
Even if I may not agree with you
Or even if I am flattered by any compliments
For I will do the number one rule of a friend
And I will listen

By Thomas Kelley

Be Like Me!
Why can't you be like me
You never say that,
But I can see that is what you are saying
I tried to give you hints to how I am
Still pretty much the same
But just some of me has changed
Do you listen ? I don't think so !
You seem to still want me
To be the me you always knew
I told you a thousand times
That I don't drink anymore
You say you are cool with that
As you pull out a beer, and
Nearly offer me one
Then you say "Oh yeah, you quit !"
You say, "Let's go clubbing !"
Then added, "I know, you don't drink !"
I decided , why not , how could it hurt ?
Clubbing was going fine
But then I saw you totally gone
Then I saw your face saying again
Why can't you just be like me ?

By Thomas Kelley

We're Not Alone
We're not alone in this world
Its nice to know
We're not alone in this world
But sometimes, I wish I was alone
For what I have is not something
That you go out sharing with your friends
Its nice to know
We're not alone in this world
Its so nice to know
I'm not alone in this world
With such knowledge,
I always keep the faith
And pray always to see a brighter tomorrow

By Thomas Kelley

Things Forgotten
How could you forget me ,
After all the fun times we had together ?
You shouted at me !
But still , I was confused .
And as for those memories
They are gone , for that matter
I do not even remember you
Then you showed me some pictures
Of you and a guy that looked like me You said that was me
But I did not know what to believe
Yousaid, "this is when we went to....
And this is...., You really don't remember"
I said do not worry
The doctor said
That the memories may come back
Then again , some may not
So, I guess I will have to start from scratch
You said , "We will do all those places again
So, you will remember something again !
And you thought that things are forgotten
Yeah right, not with me around !!!"

By Thomas Kelley

Tears of an Angel
Have you ever seen an angel cry?
Weeping and weeping angel tears
That's what I saw when I died
An angel crying tears for me
I heard the angel say
What a wonderful person I was
Then I saw more angel tears
From the angel's eyes
I then asked "Am I an angel now ?"
Then the angel told me I was
I told the angel if I was a wonderful person
Then perhaps I'll be a great angel
Then I saw more tears
Flowing from the angel's eyes
"Yes, you'll make a wonderful angel
You were so young
I just wanted to see you enjoy life more"
"I will enjoy life, but
Now I'll enjoy seeing other people
Live their lives to the fullest"
"Yes, you'll enjoy lseeing lives of people
To the fullest,
But there are times when you ,too
Will have running down your angel face
Tears of an angel"
As the angel says to me,
The angel continues to cry

By Thomas Kelley