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Teri Belotti

where have all the smiles gone? They just are no there anymore.
I see your sad eyes and your heart, that seems broken to the core.
You were just a boy when tragedy struck and changed the boy I knew.
The days have been filled with pain, and the happy ones so few.

Gone are the smiles, the carefree times and your free and giving side,
So much has happened to you, you crawl up inside yourself and hide.
I've tried so very hard to help you see the joy in life,
but with all your anger and sadness, it's been constant strife.

I refuse to give up on bringing back the boy,
that gave me so much happiness and JOY.
Yes, you've been through a lot of suffering and pain,
but, there's still so much to do, and so very much to gain.

My only hope for you, is to bring back your smile and shining eyes,
to put aside the pain, and let "Mr. L" be the one who cries.
I know I should not think of the man that took part of you away,
but, I'm your mother and hurt so badly, that he should definitely pay,

I know he has to live with himself and answer to God above,
I know I shouldn't dwell on him, but he hurt someone I love.
I've decided with all my thoughts and spinning head,
to forget about him, and leave my thoughts and anger unsaid.

As we put aside this part of our life and journey on our way,
"Jason, I love you so very much," is one thing I must say.
Gone is your childhood and innocence, those days have come to pass,
but, I'll help you to be a loving, caring man, and I know those times will last.

With all my love to you, Jason.
Love, Mom 2-16-99