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Teresa "Giggles" Hoffman

Victim vs Survivor
I feel the need to tell you, victims hurt....... Survivors learn from the pain that were inflicted.
I feel the need to show you, a victims life will always be painful.....Survivors grow inside from the experience.
I feet the need to warn you, victims will relive the experience, repeatedly.... Survivors, bury the experience next to the pain, under the hurt.
I want to share with you my hurt, pain, and experiences.
Together, we will become survivors, healing the victims in our hearts and souls.
When the victim is gone, the survivor will blossom, into a beautiful bouquet of flowers, the colors of the rainbow.
Shining brightly.
So, my fellow victim, lets be victims no more.
We have already survived the worst, lets build a new and beautiful life.
Learning from the hurt, pains, and experiences, leaving it behind, like the dust in the wind.
It is time to live, lets live together with smiles in our hearts.
Burying the scars so they are no longer visible, just a memory of a time gone past.

Teresa Hoffman