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Tamra "Tammi" Belcher

Casting a prayer
Above the world, the dark velvet sky opens
Holed with flickers of lights.
Twinkling, smiling kindly down at me,
Surrounding my spirit with desire's own love.
Come. Take my hand, my heart, my soul, stars.
If only you would fly me up,
Or extend a crystal staircase
Into the creases of satin, the wrinkles in the
Darkness...the magician's cove.
Show me love. Show me light. Show me truth.
Give me the suffer, and give me the despair
For I will tug the load for you.
Through the mud, through the madness...
Just for one blinding moment
Where the veil of sunshine and light lifts,
And what is becomes what is once more.
Here in the darkness, where my dreams sit
Inside my heart, resting in you.
The world swirls to a stop... while I cast my prayer.

I do not know the Author of this poem, but I did not write this