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Tammy "Wheels" White

Walk and Roll

Where I once used to walk......I now roll,
Where I once used to run....I can't even stroll,
I was in track and better than fair,
But tell me...how do you do the fifty yard dash in a wheelchair?

I used to party and hang out at the mall,
But now it's unlikely to do these things at all,
I used to be popular with my friends all around,
Now they're all busy...nowhere to be found.

I used to have boyfriends...lots of them would call,
And now I'm lucky to get to talk to one at all,
It's not too late for you to listen to me,
Be very cautious when you go out and party,
Because believe me, it can take it's toll....
Instead of "Rock".....it might be called "Walk and Roll."

Tammy White 1986