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Tammy Kay

This rose of beauty,
has many significant duty's.
It shows sweet love,
like the peace of a dove.

This beautyis given from the heart,
Just like life is from the start.
and this beauty shall not leave,
Until we no longer belive.

This beauty shows the truth,
about what love is really worth.
and this beauty holds the secret,
of what the heart makes of it.

The thorns are the steps of learning,
Just like the depths of dying.
The life is now soul,
and the beauty is still whole!

by: Tammy Kay

A Dying Soul!!!
Angel eyes full of trust,
Fade away into the dust.
Like the stars among the skys,
Our hearts are full of sighs.

The magic of such love,
Must come straight from above.
Just like that special night,
When everything went right.

I thought you'd never hold me tight,
Just like the wonders of the night.
The beauty of light upon our faces,
Our lives left behind in traces.

And just as tears began to fall,
I remembered the most beautiful memory of all.
So now as life must end,
With all my love towards Heaven I bow and bend.

Now as my life takes to the sky's
I hope to once again see your shining eyes.
All this love and joy so near,
But none of this can stop my one last dying tear.

My heart and soul be with you,
Until you are here with me too.
I will wait beside thee eternal gate,
For when you shall walk beside me into fate.

by: Tammy Kay

This Car Accident Of Mine!
God has his reason for all,
He just threw me a curve ball!
Sent me back with a mission,
That God loves all and he'll give you a call and you should listen!

Mine was I was to be in the Airforce,
But he said that just was'nt my course.
That just was'nt my cup of tea,
I was to spread his word differently.

My pastor told me to ever get better I had to get mad,
Why Iasked, I'm not sad.
I got a second chance to change my life around,
So now I'm college bound.

by: Tammy Kay