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Sylvia "allanis" Bennett

I Learned A Knew Language.
I lost the friends I thought were friends
And kept asking myself why,
Had I done something wrong
That made them stay away.

When nights were very lonely
And I waited on there call,
When I needed a crutch
Or a gentle tender hug.

I tried hard to think what I did wrong
To make them stay away so long,
I kept thinking they would come back
Just to help me stay on track.

It took me a long time to realise
Just where I had gone wrong,
I spoke a different language
One they could not understand.

I could only speak TBI now
And they had not heard of that,
I was getting oh so lonely
And felt sorry for myself.

I had to solve this problem
I needed to make friendsí
Ones that would not desert me
Everyone needs a friend.

I decided to make a home page
A desperate cry of HELP,
I scanned other pages
And other friends I found.

Friends that understand me
And we give each other hope.
I want to show my gratitude
Thank you internet.

By Sylvia Bennett.

Tears In My Eyes.
I have to smile again son
It has been such a long time,
To others I appear so happy
But I laugh with tears in my eyes.

In the evening I kiss you goodnight
And I smile and whisper good morning,
I give you a wonderful smile,
I do it with tears in my eyes.

I have tried so hard to socialise
Even joined the line dancing,
And I tried to appear happy
But I was dancing with tears in my eyes.

By Sylvia Bennett.

Take Your Time.
Take your time and donít hurry stop and smell the flowers
Feel the gentle breeze that softly moves the petals,
Sit and watch the rain fall and make patterns on the paving
Lay back and watch the clouds roll bye each with different shapes.

Take your time and listen to the birds sing in the trees
Walk bare foot along the beach feel the sand under your feet,
Take time to hug your loved ones tell them that you care
Enjoy the beauty around you after all it is all -free.

Drive slowly no need to hurry you are not in a race
Take time to think of others who are less fortunate than us,
Remember what ever we do let us go a gentle pace
As I know a lot of tbi victims who would gladly take our place.

By Sylvia Bennett.

Angels around us.
There are angels around us watch over us while we sleep
They comfort our loved ones a watch they do keep,
When we feel we can no longer go on
They whisper so gently and say ďdo be strongĒ.

There are angels around us to help with our fears
And when we weep they dry up our tears,
When we feel lonely and want to give up
It is then they surround us and lift us back up.

They never forsake us or judge us at all
And spread their wings to catch us should we fall,
When we are troubled and cannot sleep at night
They sing sweet lullabies until morning light.

They are ever around us and know when we are blue
There gentle tender love is loyal and true,
So if you get angry and feel you must cuss
Remember the angels are always with us.

By Sylvia Bennett.

Letter to Belinda.
I had to write this letter get things off my chest
I know you feel I must hate you,
And would have every right to that
But being lee;s mother I am doing what is best.

I donít have to tell you he loved you
You are well aware of that,
I know you once loved him to
Both thought you had it all.

Remember how he fought for you
Would never admit you were wrong,
You would never have survived
If lee had not been so strong.

Even though you cheated on him
And you know you broke his heart,
You left him for someone else
Yes he had a broken heart.

And when he had his accident
And lie lifeless on the bed,
Still you showed no remorse
As you walked to his bed.

By someone else you have a child
I cannot pretend it does not hurt,
You know only to well lee wanted a son
But that was not to be.

Belinda I must wish you all the happiness
Although you caused me pain.
Lee would want you to be happy
As I know if he could he would have you back again.

By Sylvia Bennett.

I Forgive You.
My life was filled with happiness
Friends I had galore,
One by one you walked away
And now you are no more.

I wish I did not miss you,
And the silly laughs we had,
I was forced to move on
Now you are all my past.

I remember the crazy parties
The beer stains on the rugs,
And washing dirty glasses
The tender loving hugs.

The gatherings round my table
Would think you would never go,
But that was all my yesterdays
I had to leave it go.

Picnics in the garden
That should have been for kids,
But time the evening ended
Boy we had some kicks.

I bet your having lots of fun
I can almost hear your laughter,
I wonder do you think of me
And why I had to leave.

My life now is with my son
I donít have any regrets,
Donít feel guilty please continue your fun
And yes {I forgive you}
Even though you run.

By Sylvia Bennett.

Take No Notice Of Me.
Forgive me if I appear ungrateful
And have my moody days,
The hurt as not left me yet
Take no notice of me.

Some days I feel so happy
And grateful for my lot,
But my memory strays to happier days
Take no notice of me.

I try hard to be so strong
But I never last very long,
Forgive me if I try your patience
Take no notice of me.

There are things I cannot talk about
As it fills me with so much pain,
And then I take it out on you
Please take no notice of me.

Nothing can take away my pain
Or give back what I have lost,
So help me while I am grieving
Take no notice of me.

Carers you do a splendid job
And I really love you all,
Will you till I accept this
Take no notice of me.

I know my son is grateful
And you show him tender care,
But I cannot help feeling
This is all too much to bear.

Please be patient with me
And when the teardrops start,
Just try and remember
This mum has a broken heart.

By Sylvia Bennett.

The Mountain.
We have a mountain to climb son
And this one is very steep,
One step at a time son
Rest now son and get your sleep.

We will take two steps forward
And maybe take six back,
You can lean on me son
I wonít lead you off track.

This climb will not be easy
You may feel like giving up,
I will be there to help you son
When the going gets tough.

There may be times when you might stumble
And times when you may fall,
But one day we will look back son
And say it was worth it all.

I am never giving up son
I can almost see the top,
Donít wonder how we will make it
Love will lift us to the top.

By Sylvia Bennett.

It is time to say, ďI am sorryĒ.
I t is time I said I am sorry
For the hell I put you through,
What I did not realise was
You were suffering to.

I hope you can forgive me
I was not myself.
I now have time to look back
And see that I was wrong.

But being youíre a mother
With young children growing of your own,
Please put your self in my place
It really seemed to much.

As the years are passing
A lesson I have learned,
Donít take your children for granted
And treasure what you have.

Remember all of the funny things
And store them in your heart,
And never leave you loved ones
With bitterness in your heart.

I know you know I am sorry
And so glad that we are friends,
It is good to see you smile again
But I am aware you are still in pain.

We now lean on each other
It makes the heartache less,
I know you miss your brother
Yes Andrea he is the best.

By Sylvia Bennett.

Can someone help
I am searching for a memory I donít know where to look
I donít know what it looks like,
Or where it may be found
I have to find this memory please help me if you can.

It is not in yellow pages
It must be somewhere around,
My son had lots of data
That memory must be found.

Was it wiped clean just like a tape
Is it somewhere on the ground,
I am sorry I can not describe it
Just like you can not describe sound.

Information can you help me
I will be running out of time.
It must be somewhere out there
Help me before I lose my mind.

I guess I have the answer
But thank you for your help,
We may never find your memory
Or even where it went.

Donít worry son that you lost it
There is not much I donít know,
I will be your memory
Use it just like your own.

Thank you operator
Yellow pages to,
Lee can use my memory
Until his own is found.