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Susan "Suzie" James

An Ordinary Man
That day was just like any other, the day his life was changed forever.
It took just a second for my sweet brother, to step into his next endeavor.

He is our brother, a mountain, a rock and friend,
Trying to be patient as his earthly body mends.

So strong and kind,
always there for all who need him
no matter the time.

I wonder if he understands or feels the love around,
For me it is a lesson learned - absolutely profound.

I want to hug him and make him feel better,
Explain this is something we will all weather.

For now I'll be there by his side, hold his hand for comfort
And in God confide.

Lord keep him in your gentle embrace
Nudge him forward in this long race.

This will be a long hard fight,
Morning ,noon and every night.

We will sit and wonder as the days go by
How this could happen, asking Why?

Maybe we will never know or understand GOD'S plan,
For he is a work of GOD and ordinary man.