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Stuart "cj8mad" Holden
A Short Circuit Brain
Business was booming, expansion was due,
The signage was ordered, thanks Mr Frew.
Life was exciting, ambitions were high,
But now I watch Oprah, and days pass me by.

For my van to be hit with such ultimate force,
I expected justice to follow, in the due course.
But I was mistaken, to think about blame,
I don't even know the culprit's name.

Rehab is awful, frustrating and slow,
I want to be busy, but my body says no.
I don't know the day, I don't know the time,
People tell me I'm tired, I argue I'm fine.

I wander at night, I get mugged for a smoke,
I clean my teeth with deep heat, not that's no joke.
They say "Stu heres your dinner, it's veges and pork",
I stare at the knife, the spoon and the fork.

Seizures are frightening, they make me confused,
I sleep for so long and I'm then not amused.
I know I get angry, I know I have friends,
But I want to be me, can you just comprehend.

My family is patient, they sometimes despair,
I need to be positive, life needs to be fair.
Normality's the goal, I'm trying to achieve,
It may take some time and I may need to grieve.

Moneys no object, I spend it with ease,
I buy things I don't need, lose the car and the keys.
I know I'm irritable, confused and a pain,
But what do you expect with a short circuit brain.

Stuart Holden