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Steve "sporter" Porter

To Matt on Father's day (from dad...)
It seems like another lifetime
Has it really been that long?
I helped you with your homework
You were big, healthy, and strong

I watched you draw a picture once
Your hands both agile and free
Your brain sent all the signals
You were God's gift to me

I remember riding
In the Jeep we built
Do you remember all the good times?
Do you feel happiness, grief, or guilt?

Are you still the same old Matthew
Can your brain even comprehend?
Will you ever come around?
Will Matt come back again?

Grief, denial, acceptance, hell
I've been through all of that
All the things we lost that night
I live to get them back

Will we get a miracle?
Or will we have to wait...
I see determination in your eyes!
I see a different state!

Keep the hope alive I pray
If just for one more day
I'll help you all I can you know
Dad's are just that way.

Steve Porter