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Life Changes
Life changes all the time
THe days show light
The dark is night..

Winter days are short and cold
Summer days are long and warm..

Leaves are green and yellow
Then turn brown and fall to the ground..

The tide goes out
The tide comes in
Then hits the shore with a beautiful sound..

Thw birds they sing
Largs and small
In the trees they gather all..

Life changes all the time
But somehow you remain the same
Together we will always be
Throught out "Eternity"

In Memory of James T. Hood
By Wife: Shari Hood

Knight in Shining Armour
You are my "Knight in shining Armour" riding that white horse in the clear blue skies. When the breeze goes by me, it will be you riding on that white horse. When the suns warmth I feel, it will be you sending me all your love to keep me warm. When the rains come, It will be you awimming in "Heavens Oceans". When the stars are shinning bright, It will be you telling me "You Love Me". And when the moon lights up the darkness,it will be you lighting up the night and lighting my way, so I may see, no matter how dark the darkness gets. My "Gaurdian Angel" You will always be
"Till we meet again, Jim"

By Wife: Shari Hood