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Shannon "Whispy" Lester

I walk into the shadows
of my former self
Looking back
with each step I take

Pieces of memories
follow me wherever I go
and so do the shadows
I saw myself as a child

Walking through the woods
I saw myself
as a part of the crowd
giggling and smiling
with each step that I took

I followed my shadow
until I saw it no more
The former self that I had known
had faded
in what seemed to be the blink of an eye

All the things I held so dear
became nothing but memories
taken with that wintery morning
that morning that changed me forever

And today
I flip through
the pages of my past
and recall the shadows
that used to follow me

And that's when I realized
the shadows had faded
And gave me a chance
to be a stronger, wiser person.

(c) Shannon "Whispy" Lester 1999

Gazing Into Your Heart
I gaze into the mirror
reflecting on myself
I see who I am
and I see who I wish I could be.

Looking into my reflection
seeing myself with my green eyes
and my dark brown hair
All looks fine and the way it should

I look into my reflection
and deep into myself
searching my soul for answers
and searching my heart for a reason to believe

I looked and thought
and fiund deep inside
Something I had always had
a growing sense of pride.

Gazing at my leg brace
and finding something I couldn't change
This is who I was meant to be
even though it's not who I thought I'd be.

(c) Shannon "Whispy" Lester 1999

Set Me Free
Love is a dream
fulfilled with time
A hope that I hold in my heart

When I found you
I found someone
But just someone wasn't right

You pushed and pulled me
in both ways
With no where else to turn

So I set you free
and when I did this
I did something wonderful
I gave myself my life again.

Shannon "Whispy" Lester

Know Me
All I really needed
was someone to hold my hand
someone to look me in the eye
to accept me,
to understand.

If only the world could look at me
and see me for my glow
rather than the hopes and fears
I somehow still don't know.

I am an individual
unique in my own way
with feelings and opportunities
But I'm confused because of
the mixed signals you portray.

I gave you a chance to know me
but you chose to lose me still
For reasons that you still don't know
and maybe never will.

Shannon "Whispy" Lester

Let Love Be A Future
I found someone to understand
to see the feeling in my heart
someone to feel the sentiment in my words

I kiss you
and I'm not afraid
to let go of the past
to forget the life I left behind

I know that you understand
for you have felt the pain of loss
for we are together
and I feel the joy of love

I see a bright horizon
in the dawning of each kiss
I find a security in you
of knowing I can let go of the past

And let love be our future
you take me by the hand
and then you let me shine
you let me find a love in you.

Shannon "Whispy" Lester

Love And Beauty
I will wait for you to take me by the hand
and lead me onto the dance floor
I will dream of you holding me in your arms
as we as we sway to the sweet melodies of love.

I dream of you
embracing me with the ecstasy of love
I will wait
until I find you.

Bring me the closeness
and affection that I crave
Accept me as I am
and bring me the vision of love I've always dreamed of.

Though you may be somewhere
and possibly not here
I know you'll someday find me
and keep me in your heart.

I watch the stunning beauty of the daffodils that grow
so beautifully and majestic
and believe you'll someday find me
and welcome me with your love.

Shannon "Whispy" Lester

He Saw Me
He saw me through the crowd
of saddened hearts
Looking to find what he saw in himself
and I smiled

Gazing around at each of us seeking prosperity
he heard my words
He saw my need for someone
someone like him

His kind words promised something
something I'd never found before
Someone who understood
someone I could love

He promised to come again
and promised something more
the notion that he'd come again
and walk into my heart.

Shannon "Whispy" Lester

Who I Am
My heart is melancholic
With the pain of knowing I am not the same
I look into the eyes of the guys I'm supposed to be attracted to
But they have not the compassion to love me

I look into myself
And find the compassion to love another
But find that they can't look through the surface
To see the beauty beyond my exterior

And so, I just walk along
With my head held high
With the satisfaction of knowing
I am the best I can be

It may not be what some want me to be
But it's who I am
I'm proud of it
As I always will be.

Shannon "Whispy" Lester