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Mike "Scar" Klingensmith

In the light of day the path is seen,
The way is known, it looks so green.
The shadows hold a mystery though,
Be careful, Be very careful.

Behind that tree, inside that car,
Lurks a danger that might not care
with what you do, or with who you are.
Be careful, Be very careful.

On your way to work today,
in the recesses of your mind
You know what you want to say.
Wow!, arent you glad you swerved in time.
Be careful, Be very careful.

I met a new friend today
Wonder where their from.
Can I believe what they have to say,
Or is this just a bum.
Be careful, Be very careful

Every day is filled with elements of the unknown.
Be careful, Be very careful.

Mike "Scar" Klingensmith

When everythings grey, and all seems lost
We find the strength, at any cost.

If the Love is there, the Love will stay
No matter how far, How far away.

To be able to reach from shore to shore,
tells the willingness to find the cure.

If only in heart we find our Loves,
In heart they stay, like tight fit glove's.

The Love I feel is strong indeed,
do you feel, do you feel the need?

Mike "Scar" Klingensmith

Learn It Well
To each their own is what they say,
My own is being with you today.

The lives I've touched cant be replaced,
The hearts I've felt cant be erased.

The memory of a head injured person is without a doubt,
A hard thing to comprehend, or live without.

But we all do it each and every day,
we all get through our own special way.

With friends like this we will get by,
Friends for life, friends for life.

I live in a world where lifes too sweet,
But we must be reminded that lifes a treat.

Life is given not as a gift,
But as a lesson. "Learn it well".

Mike "Scar" Klingensmith