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Sarah Jackson

I never thought I would think of you this way,
Over what you had done to me that day.

Your decision was careless,
And you left me feeling voiceless.

With all this confusion,
I began to think that it was all a hallucination.

When I woke up I needed some help,
I didn't understand, I didn't comprehend.

A million thoughts jolting through my head,
When I was told I could be laying here dead.

Is it right to think anger and unjust,
Or should it have been benevolant and trust.

Don't know what to think,
Don't know how to act,
Please no one help me,
You don't know how it feels when you're told not to react.

When someone say's I can't see you or talk to you,
I simply reply by saying,
"Why not, I won't hurt him,
As did he to me."

Sometimes I wonder how long this seperation will last,
If not forever please make it fast.

'Cause it's nothing,
It's so normal now.
We are just friends,
And the word "enemies" has never once entered my mind.

To the people I was once friends with,
I don't care if you understand me or not,
But can you even imagine how it must feel waking up one morning not
being able to walk or talk?

I always thought that when I would need you the most,
You would be there for me.
You were there through the thick,
But you weren't through the thin.

And to Kevin,
Sometimes I feel sorry for you,
But your actions that night,
Had some lawful consequences.

It's not for me to decide,
Or me to ressolve,
But you are not the only one,
With questions to solve.

Question like, "Did I see you that night,"
Or, "Who did I see that night,"
It's not right for me to be asking questions what happened there that night,
I was there.

I was there,
But I feel off and distant,
I can't see if you care,
But I need someone to listen.

Because everyone here is putting words in mouth,
Acting like they were there,
But they weren't at all present.

They weren't there,
How could they possibly tell me what happened?
It is a lightening bolt to me,
Filled with deception and misrepresentation.

I'm beginning to thing,
Those words that were once spoken,
Are now part of my delusions.

I could really care less,
About all your decieving illusions.