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Hey drunk driver do you know you broke my heart
Can you remember how I comforted you,
While my son was fighting for his life
Do you ever think you deprived him of a life.

When lee was laying comatose
And I was deep in shock,
You appeared in court looking pathetic in the dock
No mention of lee in court laying comatose.

Do you ever think of lee
And how you ruined our lives,
You never send a christmas card
Or even ask to visit.

I see you driving on the road
You pass right by my house,
Hey mr drunk driver
Lee is in this house.

If you knew how many tears I cried
And the damage you have done,
Lee will never have a life
Would you still drive past my house.

I try so hard to forget you
But you keep driving past my house,
Well I got a message for you
Mr drunk driver you’re a louse.