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Ron Grant

"It Could Have Been Myself..."

   Rapidly now, the wailing grew, 
An ambulance swung into view. 
   It's lights flashed out a reddish hue, 
A siren screamed betwixt the two! 
   Grimaced look upon his face, 
The medic strove to maintain pace. 
   Fast, vanishing, without a trace, 
The scene, my mind, could not erase. 
   Had hopes of life begun to fade? 
What was the price some person paid? 
   Had The Lord ever been obeyed? 
From His pathway had someone strayed? 
   Who was the one that rode therein? 
Perhaps, a soul, long-steeped in sin? 
   Now thinking of what might have been; 
Had not the points needed to win! 
   Far too late now, to count the cost, 
Perhaps...a soul forever lost? 
   Had they over salvation glossed? 
Knowing not the line they had crossed! 
   Perhaps, someone who took Christ's stand; 
Trying to keep His each command? 
   Now, headed for a better land, 
Had The Lord near to hold their hand! 
   Someday...could be myself inside, 
Receiving such a hurried ride! 
   Should I let Jesus be my guide, 
I'll know that He is by my side! 

Who's Blind?

Walking with a couple of friends,
One cold September day.
I saw a blind man use a cane,
And dog to guide his way.

"Oh," said I, "it just seems so sad,
To grope through Life like he...
To lock up all of the world's joys,
And through away the key!

Yet, as I stood there pondering;
The thought ran though my mind.
There was a smile upon his face,
Although the man was blind!

Urged on by curiousity,
I strove with all my might.
To find the source of sunshine in,
A man deprived of sight.

At last in my desperation,
I asked him on the street.
"Son," said he,"Cast your eyes upon,
My old and well-worn feet.

You see I'm walking the pathway,
Of God from day to day.
I use Him as my power source,
To walk along Life's Way.

Yet as he said these words to me,
A thought ran though my mind.
That it was me who could not see,
And he was far from blind!

-Ron Grant

Should There Be No Runway Light...
When a guidance system is lacking,
How can dreams ever take flight?
For they cannot prepare for takeoff;
Should there be no runway light.

Oft sitting alone on the tarmack;
Few are aware of your plight.
Seldom others will ever listen;
When you have no runway light.

When one has not filed a flight plan,
They'll never reach cruising height.
You will never leave the landing strip,
Should you have no runway light.

Patience is shapened by suffering;
Through what seems like endless night.
Seldom the times the fog has lifted;
To makeout a runway light.

When all around your life is darkness;
Not having a change in sight.
No hope will be seen in tomorrow;
When there is no runway light.

If there is no battle to be won;
No longer's the will to fight.
For why ever dream of taking off;
When one has no runway light?

In all wars there are small victories;
To some, they may seem but slight.
Yet to others they are signicant;
When they have no runway light.

Even with a guidance system lacking;
A future can still be bright.
For somehow one's dreams can still takeoff;
Should there be no runway light.

Soberly take stock of all you have;
Then hold onto your dreams tight.
Believing they will become airborne;
When there is no runway light.

Taxi out and hang on to your dreams;
Press forward with all your might!
Then remember that you reached the sky;
Having not a runway light!


When The Wires Do Not Work...
Though the engine be powerful,
And the body worth quite a bit;
Others see it as just a dud;
When the wires do not transmit!

Seldom one hears a clear message,
From those once regarded as whole.
Should there be damage to the wires;
Often times it will take it's toll!

Nothing functions the way it should;
All your actions seem out of place.
No one can see just who you are,
When wires are required for the race!

Through practice, wires can be retrained;
Yet the progress will oft seem slow.
Just what kind of future you may have;
Will depend on the effort you show!

So, don't give up too easily;
The race of life can still be won.
Saying some wires do not work;
Is not saying that you have none!