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Rhonda Counts

Live Is What I Choose
The world can be so frightening, just living day to day.
And sometimes no one can explain the things that come your way
Then you wake up one morning and realize what's been found
Its like you have been raised high in the air and suddenly dropped to the ground.
Life as you had known it has totally come apart
and you can't feel anything else but the breaking of you heart.
As you set with your head in your hands you then begin to cry
All at once you realize there is a chance that you may die.
And everything you hoped for and all you wanted to have
It's all been swept away and gone they said a tumor is what you have
Your heart begins to beat wildly your stomach starts to churn
as as your thoughts whirl round and round your skin begins to burn
But then you take a breath or two Starting to calm down
You know this is where you want to be No matter what they found
You know your fight will be long and hard your dignity taken away
But all of that becomes you least concerns You just live to see the next day
Then you decide to never give in never give up this battle you wont lose
You stand up look it straight in the eye and say Life is what I choose!!!

Rhonda 4-98