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Randy Doak

Death Was a Friend of Mine
i used to think death
was a friend of mine.
an end to my suffering.

now i think
the hell with all that crap.
i'm here for somehing
even if i don't know what.

alot of things
could've happened to me
but what did happen
wasn't what i expected.

i had an accident
that left me clinically dead.
a drunk driver ran me down
left me broke and broken.

but i figure i'm gonna stick around
even just for a while.
if i can help one person
i'll have found my purpose.

the more people i reach
the better it'll be for me.
i've always helped people
less fortunate than myself.

and still i realize
since my horrible tragedy
that most people are good
but some people are total idiots.

people should know
what they have
because you never know
when it'll be gone.

like i've lost everything
including my body
and my ability to work.

randy doak
june 1999
victoria bc canada