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Randall "Randy" Davis

Cool Wind
As the sunlight breaks across the black line of the horizon, I see the clouds descend onto the tops of the mountains. The sky turns from black to purple, then blue, pink, then to a chaotic orange as the sun blazes an open path of warmth across the sky. The morning light glints off the first snow of the year that blankets the granite faces. As I take a deap breath of the crisp morning air, I thank God for his Eden that I am priveleged to witness. I see the young skunk waddling across the field of green I am standing in and his black and white coat also shines in the morning light. He just looks up at me, wriggles his nose, trying to determine if I am friend or foe. I just look at him and whisper, "Salutations." He bristles his tail, wiggles from nose to tail, and moves on in search of breakfast. Suddenley, there is a breath of wind that comes from the mountaintops. It is cool, crisp, and smells of the evergreens miles away. I clip into my pedals and ride my bike down th! e trail, passing the skunk again, munching on berries. He looks up, as if to say, "Farewell, see you tomorrow." I am grateful to be in such a place as to be away from corporate greed and conspiracy, this is a slice of Heaven in America.

Randall Davis