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Pam "Kaleb's_Nena" Gregg

Thru Kaleb's Eyes
An Angel sent from above he has brought to me such a love.
Thru his eyes of blue I now see that God is really true!
His little heart has had to fight to stay here in this life, but when he smiles my day becomes so bright.
And once again I Thank the Lord for shining his mighty light.
At first I was sad to think my grandson was'nt alright, but soon I said Lord have your will and Kaleb began to fight.
A half a heart is all he has, but I know he'll be alright.
Cause God is holding him in his hand and Kaleb's holding on real tight!
Everyday is precious now not like the one before, cause thru Kaleb's eyes I see the wonders of our Lord.
If he should ever go to sleep never to awake, I'll know he served a purpose by coming to this place, Cause thru Kaleb's eyes his nana learned of God's Amazing Grace.

Kaleb's "Nena"
3yrs before Kaleb's stroke