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"I Shall Ever Slumber"
By: Olan L. Smith
c. Oct. 16, 2005 (revised Oct. 20, 2005)
wds. 216
Everyone a stranger 
As I rise 
So bright 
Very Stark 
Naked cleanliness 
Steal reflecting light  
Into my eyes. 
I shade my face  
As three silhouettes of people 
Walking toward my bed with confident, 
And idle chatter  
As they stride. 
Arriving by my side 
A woman speaks. 
"Mr. Smith?" 
"How are you?" 
I reply, "Where am I?" 
"Do I know you?" 
"Yes, Mr. Smith." 
"You know me I am Amy your day nurse." 
"This is New Haven Center for the Aging" 
"You have been here for 5 years" 
"You ask me that same question every morning," 
"That the one thing I can count on"  
She said with a huge grin on here face- 
"Now, it time for you to take your meds" 
"And get ready to eat and then it's group." 
With that she  stands straight 
One and two and three they walk away 
Into the glare. 
She seems to knows my name 
Don't remember much about who I am 
So I guess I do as she says. 
And later  
This evening when I sleep 
If that be my fate  
I shall ever slumber; 
With short chortles, 
No matter what the night. 
Then waken and start again 
Nothing different than before 
Or for that matter what may come to your door. 

Olan L Smith
40 words

Worth the Living

Worth the Living
Reaching beyond mortality-
Touching eternity-
With courage-
I glimpse God
An event seared
Upon my consciousness.

Crossing is complete-
To turn back and whisper stridently-
The truth is worth the living!