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Nancy Gillis

Just Like You
I can't see for the tears in my eyes.
I can't breathe for the weight on my chest.
What I want is what I cannot have:
Your love, forever and always.
I dreams of the days when we were together
Loving, laughing, so full of life.
Those dreams will someday fade. No matter how much I wat them to stay.
I mourn the loss of those dreams
And I will spend the rest of my life hanging on.
Until one day I awake and my youth is gone.
Just like you, my love, my sweet, my life:
Just Like you


Another day
A heart that is broken
Soft words left unspoken
While memories drag me

The price that I paid for
The love that I prayed for
And the words I never heard you

In all my life I never knew
A love so grand as my love for you
O, how I long to hear the words,

But, alas as my heart is breaking
And as I feel my heart a quaking
I look into your eyes and see another

NancyLee 9-22-99

Everyday I look into your eyes
And see a love that was lost
Or perhaps never found.
Everyday I hear your lonely cries
And remember the price you paid, and the cost
Of lying you to sleep in the ground.
Everyday I will regret, to MY dying day
And never let myself rest
Just stay up all night and pray
That God will help me thru this test.

NancyLee 9-15-99

The Way It Is
The sky is blue.
The grass is green.
And everything there is to be seen
Is full of life and melody, too.
But life can be cruel
And the melody can sour.
Your loved ones
Live on, hour by hour.
They ask God a question
And He answers them true
"It is My will, and My will be done.
And someday it will happen to you."

Nancy Lee Gillis