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Michelle "mug" Skivington


My life is full of pain, 
Everyday a struggle, 
Everyday a battle, 
Everyday i cry 
My family suffer my pain, 
They see it everyday, 
I may not cry in front of them, 
But they see it in my face, 
They hear it in my voice, 
They see it in my movements, 
Our lives are full of pain. 
I want a life with no pain, 
I want to be able to walk, 
I want to be able to cope, 
I don't want to have to rely on people. 
I have to except my life, 
My kids have to except our lives, 
But it is so hard, 
I can't help but cry, 
I can't help but scream in pain. 
I have found an outlet, 
I have found support, 
I have found friends, 
I have found the TBI chatroom. 
I am a fighter, 
I am stubborn, 
I am feeling brighter, 
I am a surviver!