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Michelle "sweetred"

It didn't kill me, but it took away my life
and it didn't widow me, but it took my husband away,
It didn't orphan my children, then why do I feel childless
It took away my home, and left me with just a house.
It took away my nerve and my will and left me an empty shell.

It gave tears to my childrens eyes, but I could reach the tissues.
It gave my husband fear and anger, but keeps him in denial
It took away my soul mate, she couldn't watch my pain.
It showed me who my true mates are, seems I've lost a few.

It didn't take away my legs, so why does walking elude me?
And it didn't take away my brain, just damaged it a little
So why don't people include me?

sweetred 07/97---8 months after my road trauma which left me with ABI/TBI