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Mike "WolfHawk" Alphin

If I Were....
If I were to be blinded tomorrow, and
could choose the last sight
I could see;
T'would be the chance to look inside
your eyes, to hold the same
through infinit.

If I were to loose the gift of sound, and
your voice the last
to behold;
The grandure of sound would be no
less, for you'd be the
last I'd ever known.

If I were to be striken from strength of
leg, to a wheelchair forever
be confined;
T'would not be so hard to cope, knowing
that you would remain by
my side.

It does not matter what this world can
give, so long as we love, I know
all will be fine;
If I were to stop loving tomorrow, then
may I die loving you

Michael Alphin

Love Is Like That (I Think) In The First Place
My Somewhat Spiritual Journey Inward With WolfSpier For A Companion

Walking down an empty, vacant hillside in the shape of a Valentine, not sure if there is a crescent at the top, or even a top, I begin my ascent into who knows what; I don't. I notice an old pathway inward (vena cava) which looks like it were untrod for a millenium back in time. Stepping gingerly at first to nowhere in particular, trepidation my only companion in this oddessy thus far, I take in sights and sites with somewhat confused wonderment. How did I arrive in the first place? I ask to no one around. WolfSpider traverses a hollow point carved out in dead center (how appropriate that would prove) where arteries sud-divided on their descent and streams outward in arterioles, hoping to find a meal of insects or other parasites. We glance and smile in one anothers direction, making contact on some astral plane we shared in a dream one night, letting us each know someone else understands that which eludes us.

Having made contact with another in simillar yet unlike straits, I move with more assurity into a cavernous hole. Light from behind illumines my path a little, but not nearly enough to voyage into depths of discovery. What awaits ahead if anything? Or is it just some blind lead going on for some unspecified length or reason? If there is an end awaiting, will it have been worth the time and effort required? Will it prove the doorway to new beginnings? Or will it have been just a waste of time like so many trips before? Not wanting to to be lost (or found out) in such frightening a place without defense, I edge back towards the the light, finding WolfSpider again meeting my glance, this time both of us looking a bit frustrated, more sad, but mostly unsure of why we made the journey in The First Place.

I awaken with a gift of a dead fly wrapped in silk lain upon my chest and tiny footprints looking oddly famillar in a series of eights. Lying next to me is No One, one of those parasites, but she has been there all along. Love Is Like That, I Think. Maybe I ought to eat the fly; 'd be a shame to have it got to waste, seeing as how I've been feeling pretty hungry of late. Yeah, just might be a good idea. There's no telling where the next meal might come from.

From out of the the corner of my eye, WolfSpider walks from No One, one of those parasites. Maybe thers's a lesson in that.

The fly was....tasty.

Mike Alphin