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Melissa, Miranda's Mom

Little Angel Secrets

Little Angel Secrets 
 You must be someone special sent from Heaven up above.....To have your family
around you and giving you so much of their love. 
They know you are a miracle from Heaven and I believe in my heart this is
true.....That many Angels from Heaven are always surrounding you. 
They must keep you company and tell you "Little Angel Secrets" that only you can
hear.....It must be such a peaceful and beautiful sound they whisper into your
little ear. 
They tell you "Jesus Loves You" and that he forever will.....And with such love and
compassion it's you Miranda he will continue heal. 
Even if its just the smallest thing that only your parents have the joy to
see.....It will let them know your saying "Jesus is still working on me!" 
You are a little Angel yourself and this your Mommy and Daddy know.....Because
you're the little angel that has touched their very heart and soul. 
So everynight as you are drifting off to sleep little one....Know that Heavens
Angels are shining all around you as bright as the morning sun. 
And when you awake in the morning you will find that Jesus and his Angels are still
right there....Because they long to keep you company and in their constant care. 
By: Denise '2000' For Miranda