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Melissa Hyatt

On angels wings
Into this world
Came a beautiful
Baby girl,

Her hair and smile
Sunshine from above
Her parents pride and joy
They're one true love,

One fateful day
Not long past
A tragic event
Came to pass,

A screech, a crash
The lights went out
It left our world
Full of doubt,

Would she live or
Would she fly
On Angels wings
Into the sky?

The call went out
A desperate cry
Children are hurt
Don't let them die,

But God chose one
To be by his side
And on angels wings
He did fly,

From far and wide
To their side
Quickly they flew
To the rescue,

Men and women
Who time after time
Come to the aid
Of the sick and dying,

On this day
One medic held near
One close to our hearts
One so dear,

On angels wings
The ambulance flew
To Culpeper Hospital
To Doctors who knew
The best chance to save her
Was at U.V.A.,

Into the air
With Medstar she flew
On Angels wings
Into a sky so blue.

They carried her safely to U.V.A.
and placed her in the arms that day
Of doctors and nurses who prayed.
"God guide our hands to do what's right
Let this child live to see another light."

Through all the hard days that passed
With all our prayers we held fast
Please Dear God let Leeann stay
For she's the sunshine in our day,

God is good and God replied,
Keep LeeAnn with you by your side,
Celebrate the joy she brings each day,
and know that angels do reside.
Just look around, you'll see their eyes.
And if the time comes and someone else is in need
They will fly
On Angles Wings..........

By: Kim Westenfeld