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Maya "Formerly New"

Things Have Changed
I used to love to fly in planes
Now I am haunted by what I saw from a plane window as I flew into NYC on September 16th

I used to love thunderstorms
Now they wake me from sleep & I feel fear

I used to love to travel in foreign countries
Now people have started to look at me in a new way because I have dark hair, skin & eyes

I used to love the smell & sound of a gentle rain
Now I worry rain will impeed the progress of those those working at "The Site"

They say now it will take a year to clear the rubble
I wonder what will happen when the snows come

Its raining here again in the greater NYC area today
The candle I lit days ago is still burning.....

Maya "Formerly New"

I have always been very attached to my brain.
I love it even.
We have been through alot together and it has always been a really good friend.
I have always hoped that we would grow old and retire together.
Somewhere pretty.
I hope my brain wants to do that too.
I hope it doesn't decide to go off by itself to some exotic place without me.
I hope, I hope.

Maya "Formerly New"