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Maryann "mm"

You have a friend, here

I have a friend, he's wheel chair bound funderful and smart.

I met my friend a few years ago as he manoeuvered his two wheelled chariot, over a 2 inch obstable because something he saw, that I had, interested him.

Spread across the tressle table, roughly thrown here and there, was a selection of old military badges, made from cloth and metal.

He looked at them all carefully, after eventually freeing his chair from the nuisance that was preventing his right of passage.

He smiled and apologised for the delay, and asked me many questions about the badges. The conversation batted back and forth like tennis, and finally he just asked me questions for the sake of asking me questions.

He's my friend now, 7 years on and he teaches me many things about life and livin' it for all its wonderfullness and worth.

My friend has something that, interests me. It is his 'spirit' and his determination, and his acceptance of what is and what will be - it will never change - but he tackles it, like a true veteran of a very personal War of will.

He has taught me stuff, and I hope I can teach him stuff too.

Where ever you are, who ever you are, what ever comes your way - accept the challenge and never give up, and know always you have friends, here.