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Mary Jane Parker

Diamond in the Rough
Everybody knows her
She's the talk of the town
And when she walks by,
You turn and put her down.

You say just forget her
There's no hope that can be found
You say she will never come around

But you don't know the road of suffering
That brought her to this place
And you don't understand the meaning of God's grace
You don't know the endless nights
That she's been down on her knees
But heaven knows....she's a diamond in the rough

She's been known to wander
From the straight and narrow way
You see the black and white
But she see's all the gray

She don't understand you,
And she won't give her heart away
When all you do is turn and walk away

Mary Jane Parker

Hold My Hand
You hold my hand in the midst of the storm
When the battle is high
When I'm weary and worn
Lord, I'll give them to You
These things I don't understand
When I'm broken inside
Lord Jesus, hold my hand.

I lift holy hands in praise to You
For all You have done
And all you will do
And for the sake of the call
I give you my all
My heart and my mind, the past left behind
All that I have, all these tears that I cry

Lord, sometimes I don't see
All the things that You see
But I know that your strength
Is made perfect in me
With every weakness that hides
Behind the smile on my face
I give You my pain, the hurting inside
All these tears that I cry...

Mary Jane Parker

For The Sake of Christ
I've walked the long road and I've learned the hard way
I've felt the pain when love said goodbye
Still I remember, the scars of my journey
Somehow I found the strength to survive.
And there is no healing for a heart that won't let go
So I surrender all for His will to know

I will lay it down for the sake of Christ
Everything I am, all that's in me
It will be my sacrifice
For this Cross that stands before me
For every mercy that He's shown
I will lay it down for the sake of Christ

A dreams hard to follow and loves hard to find
But I've held it all here in my hands
There's no comparing it all to where I'm going
I know someday He'll come and take me far away
But I will live by faith until that day

Not for the sake of man, and not for my own gain
Not for the promise that He made
For all His suffering on the Cross of Calvary
Where I believe He gave His life for me...

Mary Jane Parker