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Mark Skilbred

The ABC's of TBI

A, is for ability.
B, is for getting better.
C, is for courage.
D, is for determination.
E, is for being eager.
F, is for finding...
G, is for being grateful.
H, is for being hopeful.
I, I can be someone.
J, Just as I am.
K, is for key to lock the door to our past, to open a door to our future.
L is for leader.
M, is for marvelous.
N, is for new.
O, is for outlook.
P, is for practice.
Q, is for questions that we might have...
R, is for recovery.
S, is for strength.
T, is for trying.
U, is for understanding.
V, is for our vision.
W, is for winning.
X, is for excelling.
Y, is you can succeed!
Z, is for zeroing in on your target, and going onwards to reach

By Mark Skilbred, a member of Big River Support Group