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Mark Skillen

Guest House

This being human is a guesthouse 
Every day a new arrival and 
An opportunity 
A joy, a depression,meanness 
Some momentary awreness comes as an 
unexpected visitor 
Welcome and entertain them all 
Even if they are a crowed of sorrow and tears 
who violently sweep your house 
Empty of all contents 
Still treat each guest with dignity and respect 
for they maybe clearing you out 
for some new delight 
The dark thought,the shame,the malice 
meet them at the door with a smile 
and invite them in 
Be gratful for who ever comes 
Because each has been sent  
as a guide from above. 

The moment

So is the splendor of life
Each day a gift,a special moment in time
not only to grow, but to share in the beauty of today and the lessons of our journey
Knowing that in time our season will end
leaving behind our special print upon the canvas of life

The Puzzle


My God is the creator of my puzzle, the one who knew before the heavens were made that a plan had been laid for me.
The paper was painted full and bright then cut and shaped by my God
He knows"
I am instructed to be the keeper of the puzzle
and the contents thereof
Treating each piece with gentleness and care
accountability a must.
My God knows how the pieces fit, what shapes go where.
"That I know not"
Through the darkest days I have failed to be the keeper of the box and the contents there of. Dropping it along the way, kicking and throwing it aside amidst my frustration and doubts. Now that the corners are torn and taped, the pieces scattered about!

My God is here to carry the keeper of the puzzle box and the contents there of.
I question why?
Why the hurt
Why the loss
Why the pain
Why the confusion and most of all why the endless flow of emotions that have no answers?

My God is here to help
It seems to late, Ive given up all emotions. My God then whispers to me I am here wrapping you with my love, for I am the creator of the puzzle and can also be the keeper thereof.

Questioning My God I say "No."
"I am the keeper of the puzzle and the contents thereof."
Along lifes path I have asked others to help put the pieces together.
Impatiently stirring the pieces around the bottom of a torn box.
Frustrated then throwing them down. Only to find the pieces scattered and lost.

Some are lost by my own will but some are stolen and stripped away beyond my control.
Looking at the pieces I am unable to tell front from back. Many have lost their colors and now are just a blur.
The glue that once held the layers together is gone. I never planned or hoped this would happen but only wanted a choice the matter.
My God has told me it is aright. I do have a choice.
PuzzleSo I have decided my God is now the keeper of the puzzle box and the contents thereof
Then I ask my God
"What If."
He replied softly, Its OK. I love you and I am with you always. Don't worry about the 'what if,'
But if it comes, Ill just add one more piece.
For I am the creator and the keeper of the puzzle.

By Marc Skillen

Submitted by Roger Riss

Love God


As I anticipate the seasons First snow and the bitter wind that will envelop me, I take the time to notice the graual process in which my world is changing.
With each flake of snow that falls gently to the ground, a quietness soon begins to suround me with a blanket of stilness and peace.
Finding my self searching deep into my thoughts and to the most inner secrets of my life,I again find event to help describe my feelings.
Through the many frozen water droplets that fall , all of which are uniquely ther own.
When night has turned to day my world will have drasticlly changed, the pathway to my doorstep will have disapered into a blaket of white , and the bright colored cars that line my street will only be figers covered benith the still ness of the new day.
I am not afraid of these changes for I know they were ment to be.
Since my T.B.I I have come to understand the beauty of my world around me and the snow flace, as many of them that fall each remain diffrent and One of a kind, But when joined they create a solipsistic wonder of there own.
Gently I try to grasp a flake between my fingers tips, only to find how quickly it disappears leaving only a water droplet as evidence that it once existed.
So are the many thoughts in my mind, each are diffrent and fascinating to view.
But to join these thoughts togeather create a flow of emotions and at times confusion.
The picture may not always be clear, or the changes predictable.
But I know that in time each thought,memorie and emotion will be joined togeather to create a very beautifull land scape that will be softness to the eyes and peace to the heart.
For I know that in life there will be changes some great others small but as long as I am able to be greatfull for today tomorrow will take care of its self.

by Mark Skillen