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Mark "Jake" Robinson

7 years gone, and it seems so short a time
a measurement that appears without a sign
a part of my life I struggle to give purpose
how hard must I try to emerge and have justice?

The negative man has had his day
he's gone astray, I sent him on his way
I've done all I can in my struggle for self
but it's hard to stick in, and be by myself
he won't come back, he can't! he won't get me
if he comes on sudden, Evelyn and I will have victory!

In unity we're strong. When in love there's nothing to fear
Our fences are strong they cannot be sheered.
Have we, will we ever conquer
This nemesis that's been here since..... I can but wonder
my existence to be had without my strife
will I ever be free of this Mark For Life?

I know who's been there, and when I'm in heaven
When I ask myself that question and the years number 7

Mark "Jake" Robinson

This Morning I have a Meeting
This morning I have a meeting
My colleagues are on their way
My daughter is sick at home with my wife
Maybe I should have stayed?

The jet I hear seems closer than usual
And not flying away
But this one grows bigger and bigger
It must have lost it's way

I turn to take my things
And wave over at Dave
"C'mon you slacker put down that coffee..."
"...we don't want to be late"

Screams start to fill the floor
Like someone has told a joke
I glance once at where they stare
And again before I jolt
A missile this way comes
With no brakes to stop collision
A madman behind the yolk
Hellbent on a previous decision
Colleagues run away from death
Forgetting about their desks
A flail of arms and hair.
All scrambling to do their best
To preserve what instinct tells them,
Means running for their lives
My thoughts turn to my daughter at home sick with my wife

At once my view is bright
I died slowly after a fight
I see my wife searching but I am not in sight
My broken body lays still
Beneath the layers of stone
Dave's body lies there with it
But others died on alone

My struggle is over but yours has just begun
The evil that took my life still walks the earth your on
I dwell in silent liberty and will watch what goes on
The evil that took my life is a threat to generations born
Repair what has happened and remember September 11th
My wife and daughter knows I watch over them from heaven

Mark "Jake" Robinson