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Speak To Me
Speak to me gently
and let your words flow over my body
and into my soul
resting there on the nest of my heart
as I listen to words begging to be heard.

Speak to me tearfully
and let your tears cleanse your soul
as soap to body
showering away a moment's sorrow
as I wipe your tears away.

Speak to me kindly
and reach for my understanding
as I am understood by understanding you
welcoming the news that new words have come
to flow between fingers of trembling hands.

Speak to me passionately
unveil the words that hide between the folds of
broken dreams
and let me weave another dream
from my trembling hands into yours.

Let me sing to you softly my words into air
falling to space and floating nowhere
Only waiting for you to capture the notes
that are yours if only you see them there.

Magdalena 06/24/98