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Leon "Leroy" Huffman

Good Luck!!
We come into this world being little boys,
To fight with our brothers and sisters and play with our toys.
Then before you know it,we become men,
Just to start growing up again.

With your Faith in God and fellow man
I know you will follow God's plan.
May He be in your heart to stay,
To give you strength and guidance everyday.
Good Luck!!

Leon "Leroy" Huffman 1994

Thank you for being my friend,
I believe that YOU the Lord did send.
Thank you for taking time to listen,
And let me see what I may be missin'.

In trying to figure the new ME out,
And things that I don't know much about.
Thank you for pointing out that the Lord
is with me night and day.
And will always be with all of us the same way.
You don't know how much it means to me too,
And for this I THANK YOU !!!!!

Leon "Leroy" Huffman 2000

Feeling Blue
If you are feelin' down
And really feeling blue.
I know how you feel,
I've had those feelings too.

Don't give up hope,
Don't give up yet.
The Lord is in full control
Don't forget.

Leon "Leroy" Huffman 1994