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Buckle Up

Nobody will ever understand what I feel,
when I think of that car hitting me from behind.
Often I act like it s no big deal,
although it took away a lot of positivism from my mind.

My foot, shoulder, neck, and since a week my back,
they ache; they re not the way they should be.
Healthy I m not, I m like a wreck,
and most of the time I m the only one to see.

Alone, that s the way I have to cope with all this pain I feel.
Sometimes it s like I m dreaming, this thing it can t be real.
Most of the pain it s in my head, I know this for so long.
It could've been so much easier; I wished . I wished that I was gone.

Puberty; it s bin taken away from me,
that time, it was like hell
The faster I stood up, you see
The harder I fell.

Love, it is not meant to be for me,
guts or self-confidence I don t know.
It s just so difficult, you see,
I m afraid I get another blow.

To stay alone,
that s a big fear.
My life, hard as stone,
misty, definitely not clear.

It s all so complicated
I don t know what to do
My life, so sophisticated
will I ever run into you?

To you I don t know what to say,
I wished that it could come from your side.
Maybe there is another way,
can I regain my pride?

On the court, I m the cool guy.
I shoot some hoops, I do some stuff,
the feeling is great, I feel like I fly,
Everything else, it s tough.

I make high demands upon everything I do,
that s just the way I am.
I fall more then I did too,
often I think; Damn!

All these things on my mind.
To say them to you, I need time,
the right words I simply can t find
That s why I started to rime.

For me to live a happier life,
I have to turn things around.
This will be a hell of a strife,
concerning all the limitations by which I m bound.

Nevertheless the limitations I've got,
I have to keep my head up straight.
I buckle up and give my best shot
This is just my fate.